PhD students

PhD students

Mutual capacity development with the University of Gondar, Hawassa University, Jimma University, Mekelle University and EPHI includes supporting PhD students who are working on research that contributes to the Dagu project.

University of Gondar

University of Gondar

Alemayehu Shimeka is studying lower respiratory tract infections in children below the age of five years.

Tigist Getahun is working on the formation of her research question.


Hawassa Univeristy Hawassa University

Habte Bolka focuses the management of diarrhoeal diseases in children.

Habtamu Beyene is addressing  referral of sick children within the primary health system.



Jimma University  Jimma University

Dawit Wolde aims at studies of quality of the integrated community case management of childhood illnesses and the effect of the OHEP interventions on quality of the service provided.

Alemayehu Hunduma is working on the formulation of his research question.



Mekelle University Mekele University

Alem Desta studies equity in service utilization, cost of the OHEP innovations and cost- effectiveness of the innovations in improving primary child health services utilization.

Fisseha Ashebir studying in the role of women’s development army in the primary maternal, new born and child health service.


Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI)


Atkure Defar is interested in the spatial (geographic) and time variation in child health problems and services utilisation before and after the OHEP intervention.

Theodros Getachew studies the quality of care for common childhood illness within the integrated community case management.


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